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Poppy Gelato Indoor

Poppy Gelato Indoor

Poppy Gelato Indoor WEED

Gelato CBD is a legal herb with North American origins, although the name suggests otherwise, and its strong point is the delicate and saturating complexity of its aromas.

A hailstorm of glistening resin has descended on these buds. The flower is relatively small, the shades of colour are kaleidoscopic and range from warm to light green, with many trichomes appearing between the inflorescence.

Sweet and delicate, as fresh as - the name suggests - an ice cream, light cannabis like this is a real treat. Upon olfactory inspection, one can immediately notice that typical characteristic of American strains: a kind of delicate saturation of all the taste buds.

Excellent taste-olfactory persistence, the Gelato should be placed in the grinder. You don't lick it, but after white clouds of smoke have cleared in the room, those present will lick their chops at the exquisite and satisfying taste panorama that Gelato CBD will offer. 30% is the cannabidiol percentage of these buds, which will satisfy even those seeking the most potent Gelato.

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