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CBD 29%

When you open the package you are catapulted into the cannabis shops of San Francisco, sea view, joint in your hands...... the rest I leave to you.

If you are looking for a strong flavour and a powerful natural high, your choice has to be HERE. An inflorescence derived from a California-born hybrid hemp, produced exclusively for Justmary in Spain's leading indoor plants.

This is a natural and natural product.

It is a natural and organic product, grown and produced in an organic way, respecting the environment and current legislation. It contains high percentages of Cannabidiol CBD. Unique flavour, aroma and texture.

Those who try it are immediately captivated by the magical citrusy aroma that infuses the mouth as well as the air. The flavour is a perfect mix of sweet and fruity scents, with hints of lemon and mango and an intense, prolonged taste.


Gelato, also known as Larry Bird Kush, has its roots in California, nicknamed 'the Golden State'. For many cannabis enthusiasts, it is one of the tastiest and most enjoyable strains in the Cookies line, a genetics that is constantly improving.

Jelly was created by the Cookie Fam, a group of San Francisco breeders. She is the offspring of two well-known Cookies strains, a Sunset Sherbet and a Thin Mint GSC, the latter of which is also considered the best GSC phenotype.

These impressive strains are the result of the work of the Cookie Fam.

These impressive Cookies genetics have given Gelato its distinctive flavours, which span the aromatic spectrum of 'dessert' varieties. Its concentrations of CBD ensure a potent effect that, despite its indica dominance, is very intoxicating.


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