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Cannastra Solar Pilgrim White Widow H4CBD - 5g

Cannastra Solar Pilgrim White Widow H4CBD - 5g

H4CBD 30% Flower

This cannabinoid derived from cannabidiol is 100 times more promising than CBD

The cannabis variety "White Widow H4CBD" contains 30% H4CBD. The inflorescences of the legal weed White Widow H4CBD are grown indoors and have THC below the legal limits.

Flowers of medium size and light specific weight, but rich in colour. Various intensities of green can be seen, from dark to light green, almost whitish. This genetics is unique, a specific product for those who do not want those sweet, fruity undertones that can get tiresome in the long run.

This legal marijuana flower is cultivated according to the organic standard to guarantee a superior quality product. Cannastra is a guarantee and today partners with Justmary to offer the best products to its customers.

White Widow H4CBD is rightfully one of the top legal weed buds for every season, genetically grown in Amsterdam and cultivated in Italy.

This legal weed flower is not a food or medicinal product. The permitted uses are those specified in law 242/16.

White Widow H4CBD - legal herb, aroma
White Widow H4CBD inflorescences are very pleasant if you like strong, spicy aromas. Thanks to the unique terpene molecules present and the high percentage of CBD, you will experience a pleasant, extra-sensory relaxing sensation. A perfect experience during a walk or during a particularly stressful work session. Its aroma is very reminiscent of a mix of spices such as pepper, rounded off by a bouquet of dried flowers, White Widow HHC is just right for you.

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