Anti-THC detoxifying sprays for saliva. These products, commonly known as 'kleaner'

Anti-THC detoxifying sprays for saliva. These products, commonly known as 'kleaner'

The growing debate on the legalisation of cannabis has brought attention to a parallel phenomenon that is gaining ground: the use of anti-THC detoxifying saliva sprays. These products, commonly known as 'kleaners', promise to neutralise traces of THC in saliva, the psychoactive component of marijuana, thus enabling users to pass drug tests.


Kleaner Anti THC Saliva Spray
Kleaner Anti THC Spray is a cleaner that removes marijuana toxins that remain in the mouth.

Some substances can leave traces in saliva for several days, but with a simple application of Kleaner Anti THC all residues will be effectively removed immediately after application.


Operation and Effectiveness

These sprays work by applying a chemical solution that masks or eliminates THC molecules present in saliva. Their use is simple: a few sprays in the mouth can potentially clear saliva in less than five minutes. Manufacturers claim high efficacy, but the scientific community remains divided on their long-term reliability.

An Ethical and Legal Debate

The use of anti-THC kleaners raises ethical questions. On the one hand, the individual's right to privacy and personal autonomy is debated; on the other, the question of public safety arises, especially in relation to driving and work. Laws vary widely, and while some see these products as a legitimate aid, others see them as an unethical way of life.

Towards a New Way of Managing Cannabis Consumption

While the debate continues, what is clear is that the presence of anti-THC kleaners reflects a shift in the social habits and management of cannabis consumption. Whether this is a passing phenomenon or a lasting evolution of consumption habits, these products are certainly outlining a new chapter in the history of marijuana and its integration into society.

The trend of anti-THC saliva kleaners reflects a new challenge in the area of cannabis legalisation and substance control policies. As legalisation advances, many users are looking for ways to reconcile their personal use with current drug testing regulations, especially in work or legal settings. These products promise an immediate solution to avoid positive test results, raising questions of ethics and safety.

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